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High-risk Car Insurance in Lasalle

Having trouble finding insurance?

If one of the following conditions is making it difficult for you to find insurance coverage at a price you can afford, give us a call at: 514-253-8960, we'll work together to find the right coverage for your situation.

Non payment cancellation

Whatever the reason why this happened, insurance companies will cancel your contract after a second payment is refused by your bank. It will then become very difficult to find another insurer.

At INNOVEX INSURANCE our 'Solution Plan' will come to your rescue and offer you alternative coverage on monthly payments.

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Undischarged bankruptcy

We can insure your vehicle for at least the minimum prescribed by law. You can thus drive without worry until your situation is restored

Insurance coverage interruption

We can restore your situation even after a prolonged interruption of coverage and prevent you from being exposed to unnecessary risks.

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Too many claims

Your vehicle has been subject to several accidents or claims in the past 5 or 6 years.  With a little time and patience our AUTO SOLUTION program will allow you to gain back a good driving record.

Sub-standard creditor - 2nd chance

A 2nd or 3rd chance credit loan or lease will not be accepted by just any insurer. Call us to get a quick affordable quote and we will confirm coverage to your dealer to let you enjoy your new vehicle.

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Criminal record

A criminal record automatically entails the refusal of most insurers. Our specialized team has been working with such issues for a very long time. Call us, let us know the facts and we will work together the necessary steps to provide you with the coverage you need.

Driver license suspensions, demerit points, DWI

Even if your license has been suspended (due to driving under the influence of alcohol, unpaid fines or accumulation of demerit points), we can insure you.

You have real difficulties to find an insurance?
Entrust us your case. We will do our best to restore your situation and provide you with the required car insurance coverage.